Get the Magic of Friendship

Welcome to the Magic of Friendship page, where you can find nearly 100 Poptropicans’ usernames to friend! We have plenty of usernames, including Poptropica Creators, authors, walkthrough guides, viewers of the blog, and a couple of popular Poptropicans.

Just go to your Poptropican’s profile on Poptropica, click the ‘+’ button to the right of the screen from your Poptropican, and enter the username of another Poptropican to add them as a friend!

If you want your username put up on the page, please say so in the comments!

The Creators

Binary Bard: BinaryBard
Black Widow: BlackWidowCreator
Captain Crawfish: CaptainCrawfishCreator
Director D: DirectorDcreator1
Dr. Hare: JordanLeary
Hades: HadesCreator1
Hazmat Hermit: JustinLacy
Shark Guy: SharkGuyCreator
Thirsty Whale: ThirstyWhaleCreator
Triton: TritonCreator

The Author

Joey Nigro: JoeyNigro:JoeyNigro

The Walkthrough Guides

Tony: poptropica_guy_1
Grace: poptropica_girl_2
Gary: poptropica_guy_2
James: poptropica_guy_4
Gina: poptropica_girl_3
Frances: poptropica_girl_4
Josh: poptropica_guy_5
Jerry: poptropica_guy_6
Travis: poptropica_guy_7
Tracey: poptropica_girl_5
Terry: poptropica_guy_8
Trina: poptropica_girl_6
David: poptropica_guy_9
Jeff: poptropica_guy_10
Monica: poptropica_girl_7
Sarah: poptropica_girl_8

Author: joeynigro1

I love Poptropica.

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