Halloween Island

I want Poptropica to create Halloween Island on next October any time after My Little Pony Island.

Here are the monsters in Halloween Island:

Click here for the Halloween Island Main Theme.


Pet Shop

I want the “Pet Shop” gold card (with poptropican animals for pets) in the Poptropica Store.on Poptropica Original. Don’t forget that players can choose the pet’s gender, then choose the pet’s color color, then name a pet, and finally adopt the pet. Don’t forget to make their full costumes costumizable. Don’t forget that Pet Shop is a multiplayer room. The pet can be any animal. Don’t forget to add pet supplies for players to put in the their house with other decorations.

Here are the cat and dog for Pet Shop:

Male Versions:

Female Versions

24 Carrot Island Character Updates

Here are the character updates for 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica Original:
24 Carrot Island Character Updates

Top: Mayor, Hobo, Gas Station Worker, Farmer, Chef, Flo
Bottom: Shy Sky, Sleepy Bird, Magic Socks, Crazy Comet, Charlie, Whiskers

  1. The mind controlled versions will still be drones.
  2. Dr. Hare stays the same.