Princess Ember

Don’t forget to add Princess Ember to My Little Pony Island on Poptropica. Her wings and tail can’t be costumized separately. Click here for all of the My Little Pony Island characters in the Ideas for My Little Pony Island on Poptropica

Here is what Princess Ember looks like in My Little Pony Island:
Princess Ember


After My Little Pony Island

Poptropica can choose whatever order for these islands, but I want them in that order.

Police Heroes Island

I want Police Heroes Island after My Little Pony Island on Poptropica Original. Don’t forget that Dr. Hare shoplifts carrots from the supermarket.

Here are the characters for Police Heroes Island.

Police Heroes (heroes)

Evil Prisoners (villains)

Townies (townies randomly appear in any town position)



Here are some of the sounds for Police Heroes Island:

Poptropica School

I want Poptropica School after Police Heroes Island. Don’t forget that all of the students in Poptropica School are kids. Here are the characters for Poptropica School:

Dragon Adventures Island

I want Dragon Adventures Island after Poptropica School. Don’t forget that dragons are fantasy animals. Here are some of the dragons:

Click here for the main theme.

Don’t forget that the scale in the “npcs” data for big dragons has to be 0.5

Musical Island

I want Musical Island after Dragon Adventures Island on Poptropica.

Here are some of the singers captioned with their songs:

Wildlife Island

I want Wildlife Island after Musical Island. Click here for the ideas of Wildlife Island. Don’t forget to make everything in Wildlife Island costumizable.

Other Islands

Poptropica is welcome to think about the rest.