Is My Little Pony Island going to be on Poptropica Worlds?

No, It’s going to be on Poptropica Original.


Discord’s Mismatched Body

Discord’s left horn is a deer. Discord’s right horn is a goat. Discord’s head is a goat. Discord’s hair is a horse. Discord has yellow eyes with mismatched red pupils. Discord’s eyebrows are an old man. Discord has one fang. Discord’s body is a skinny eagle. Discord’s left arm is a lion. Discord’s right arm is an eagle. Discord’s left wing is a bat. Discord’s right wing is a horse. Discord’s left leg is a lizard. Discord’s right leg is a goat. Discord’s tail is a red dragon. Discord’s tail has a white hair tip on it.


Top Ten Outfits for Players

Well, after a horrible post drought (I’m a horrible blogger!) I’ve finally managed to post this post!  Today’s Top Ten will be how to look snazzy in Poptropica!

10.  Business Casual!
Apart from Poptropica’s wacky and fun design, sometimes business casual can be nice and calm.  It will attract someones eye, as they may not expect a simple costume!

9.  Effects!
Poptropica’s store has several effects you can buy! These effects are bright and colorful; sure to make your poptropican stand out!

8.  Theme!
Creating a theme for your character will attract one’s eye, as it seems smarter, cleaner, and more choreographed.

7.  Big!
Bigger costume parts catch someones attention every so often, by the stand-out look it’ll have!

6.  Colorful!
As science has proved, color get’s peoples attention.  Creating a colorful costume can make people interested in your costume!  The more themed the color is, the more likely people will enjoy it too!

5.  Mismatch!
As opposed to what was said above, mismatch can attract someones eye too!  The difference in patterns and shapes are very interesting to look at!

4.  Scary!
Even though I don’t like scary, it can be an eye catcher, and make people interested! It can be fun to create too!

3.  Powers!
Choosing costumes with powers, and using them can also get people interested. The more interesting the power, the more it’ll be enjoyed!

2. Personal!
Creating a character that looks like you, or represents you can also be special to you, fun to make, and cool for people to see you express your opinion!

1.  All Of Them!
A costume with all of these will be the most amazing, obviously!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and use it to help you with your perfect outfit!

Cutie Marks

Here are the cutie marks for My Little Pony Island on Poptropica. Remember, cutie marks go on only the ponies’ flanks.


These are the Characters in My Little Pony Island. Pony wings and tail can be costumized separately. My Little Pony Island is where Twilight Sparkle returned being a unicorn. Poptropica may add more My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters made into poptropicans to My Little Pony Island which are not the Mane 7 characters or Spike or Mane 7’s boyfriends or Cutie Mark Crusaders or princesses or villains or royal guards or Twilight Sparkle’s parents or Photo Finish. Leave Gilda and Discord in original form. Don’t forget that Princess Celestia’s, Queen Chrysalis’s and Princess Luna’s left wings are hiding behind their hair. Don’t forget that Princess Ember’s wings and tail can be costumized together, but not separately.

Mane 6 and Spike:


Cutie Mark Crusaders:



Princess Celestia

Royal Guards:

Twilight Sparkle’s Parents:

Don’t forget to add the My Little Pony Photo Booth with this character standing next to the photo booth:

Photo Finish
Photo Finish