Old People Avatar Studio Glitch

Our Old People Avatar Studio Glitch is a present to the Poptropica community, containing a compendium of usernames that will allow access to senior costumes on Poptropica by way of the Avatar Studio Glitch, commonly known as ASG. The glitch is performed with the following steps:

  1. Log into the Poptropica account you want to change the costume of. Make sure you are on a non-SUI (non sound updated island).
  2. Open the Poptropica Avatar Studio in another tab.
  3. Type an Old People Avatar Studio username* (see list below) in the username box.
  4. Refresh Poptropica. If a message appears, do not hit retry, hit cancel. Press ‘Load’ a bunch of times on the Avatar Studio tab, then go back to the Poptropica tab and you’ll be prompted to save a new account with the cloned costume. Note that this will replace your current costume with that of the user you typed in.

Important notes:

  • This could also change your character’s gender if your gender is not the same as the ASG account.
  • In the case of the costume appearing on a new unsaved account instead of your own account, try doing this on a different web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).
  • An ASG-able account (for those interested in making their own) must be wearing one of the following: jetpack from Early Poptropica, glider from Time Tangled, bowtie from Spy, or chameleon suit from Spy.

Old People Avatar Studio Glitch


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